The Docs.

Prim+RPC is in prerelease mode and may be unstable until official release.

Core API

Prim+RPC exports two primary functions: createPrimClient() and createPrimServer(). Both functions take a configuration object as their only argument and the server configuration extends the client configuration.

Create Server

import { createPrimServer } from "@doseofted/prim-rpc"
createPrimServer(options: PrimServerOptions): PrimServer

The Prim+RPC server is the tool that transforms requests into RPC and RPC results into responses. It is a misnomer as it is not a server per se but is a framework agnostic utility to work with the server of your choice.

It works with the server of your choice through handler plugins: the method handler handles method calls, the callback handler optionally handles callbacks on those methods. They are separate plugins because of their design: while the method handler has a single response for every request (a function result for every call), the callback handler can return multiple responses for a request (because callbacks can be fired multiple times).

This function is given a single argument which is its configuration. You may reference server options for more details.

Create Client

import { createPrimClient } from "@doseofted/prim-rpc"
createPrimClient<ModuleType>(options: PrimOptions): PrimClient

The Prim+RPC client is a JavaScript Proxy that transforms method calls into requests and transforms responses back into a useable result. Like its server counterpart, it is not responsible for the transport. Instead, this responsibility is given to plugins: method plugins handle method calls and callback plugins handle callbacks. These client plugins correspond with handler plugins on the server of the same name.

This function takes a type parameter (if using TypeScript) that is the type of the module given to the server. It also takes a single argument which is the client configuration. You may reference shared options for more details.

Testing Utilities

import { testing } from "@doseofted/prim-rpc"
const { createPrimTestingSuite, createPrimTestingPlugins } = testing
// create client/server pre-configured to use test plugins
const { client, server } = createPrimTestingSuite<Module, Ctx>(serverOpts: PrimOptions, clientOpts: PrimServerOptions, exampleContext: Ctx)
// or create plugins to use with client/server
const plugins = createPrimTestingPlugins<Ctx>(exampleContext: Ctx)

Prim+RPC includes utilities to test itself. While most plugins used with Prim+RPC are intended to bridge separated JavaScript environments, the testing plugins are meant to be used within the same file and communicate over a generic event handler.

The test plugins apply similar transformations to and undergo the same events as other plugins but are sent using local event handlers. This is useful in environments like Jest and Vitest where you would otherwise have to emulate the separated environments.

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